jumpOnJuniper 7.5.5g

Use this to automate VisitorNet login. Follow steps below to create a bookmark.

Using the bookmark: Connect to Visitornet WiFi. Open Safari, then tap the bookmark 3 times to log-in. Wait between taps for the VisitorNet pages to load.

See Notes & Troubleshooting for more information.

Step 1: Enter the text

Enter the Username to paste and a Password. Then tap Make jOJ Bookmark to reload this page for Step 2.

must be exactly 8 characters

Bookmark as link:

Step 2: Add a Bookmark

Tap the action button on the toolbar. Then select Add Bookmark.

add bookmark

Take note of the name (or edit it), and then tap Save.

save bookmark

Step 3: Edit the Bookmark

First, tap on the text box with Code for your bookmark. Then Select all of the text and Copy it to the clipboard.

Now edit the bookmark you added in step 2 to turn it into a javascript bookmark. Tap the Bookmarks button in the toolbar.

Navigate to the bookmark you just saved. Do not select the bookmark. Tap Edit to make changes.

open bookmarks

In the Edit pop-over, tap on the bookmark name.

edit bookmarks

In the Edit Bookmark pop-over, tap in the field that begins with “http: ”. It is easiest to replace all of it with the contents of the clipboard, so simply tap the circle with an X in it.

edit bookmark start

Finally, tap and hold in the now empty Address field and select Paste. The updated book mark appears. The bookmark ends with: void('7.5.5g')

The bookmark code is quite long, but if you scroll to the start you'll see the bookmark begins: javascript:var%20u=

Step 4: Save the Bookmark

Back-up a level in the edit pop-over by tapping the button to the left of “Edit Bookmark”.

open bookmarks

Save the bookmark by tapping Done.

edit bookmarks

Using jumpOnJuniper

Connect to VisitorNet WiFi. Tap the jOJ bookmark to go to VisitorNet sign-in page, then again to “paste” the stored username & password. After the screen updates, tap the bookmark a third time to accept the Terms.

Notes & Troubleshooting


  1. This is an off-hours project. If you find something to fix send email to: mobilemind+joj@pobox.com.
  2. Screen captures above don't depict the current javascript. Sorry.
  3. If you're unsure about entering your password; don't use this bookmark.


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